At Indiana Recovery Services we offer repossession services throughout the state of Indiana with the exception of the Evansville/SW portion. Our office staff stays up to date on all the various skip tracing resources, techniques and repossession laws.  These extensive skills allow us to locate and retrieve individuals and property efficiently and lawfully for our clients.


With increasing mobility and relocation of debtors, the challenge of tracking people and assets can be an ongoing commitment. Therefore, our primary objective remains keeping ahead of it all through innovative strategies.  Without a positive resolution to your account, all parties lose.  Which is why we make the interests of our clients a top priority.


​Our staff is professionally trained in fair debt collection, and are Certified Asset Recovery Specialists.  We use methods that reduce liability and exposure to the client and comply with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.  We offer the highest quality service, professionalism and accountability available in the industry.  Some of our agents have previous law enforcement experience, which gives them full knowledge of the law and proper procedures of repossession. Along with repossessions, we offer transporting, on site key cutting services, and replevin services. Utilizing state of the art recovery software (RDN - Recovery Data Base Network) , LPR (License Plate Recognition) camera systems, and Clearplan we are able to recover your collateral quickly.

Our staff consists of:


Operations Manager -  responsible for all daily operations, new orders, repossession notifications and uploading documents, and managing lot managers and agents


Lot Manager - responsible for managing secondary lot locations


8 Recovery Agents - each agent is assigned to a "zone" within the state of Indiana


Administrative Assistants - responsible for inputting daily updates on accounts and customer relations


Lot Attendant - responsible for the inventory of property inside vehicles, arranging vehicles for transport, property storage and vehicle redemption's.


Each employee / agent has passed an extensive background check, drug test and training to insure you receive the best possible service.

Our fleet of vehicles include:

• 6 Auto-loader wreckers

• 3 Rollbacks

• Transport Truck

• 3 LPR Camera systems

• Service truck for various types of trailers